Production Equipment

Time: 2016-11-26


—— Equipment Center


Production Equipment 

We have a 20,000 square meters of garden-style factory, 5,000 m2 GMPC workshops with dynamic 100,000 grades, 6 production lines with 20 meters, automatic bottle washing and drying machine, automatic paste filling machine, automatic surface pasting filling machine, automatic hose filling machine, three-dimension packaging machine, 1,000 m2 biological inspection laboratory with 10000 grades.



—— Products Exhibition Center


Production Equipment

High-grade and elegant products exhibition hall displays all kinds of products. It is a place where you can find everything you want!



—— Quality Control Center


Production Equipment

High standards of modern quality control center have a complete detection system. There are multi-functional biological microscopes, UV spectrophotometer, high-precision electronic analytical balance, moisture analyzer, high speed centrifuge, constant temperature incubator and many kinds of analyzers, special research equipment to develop physical and chemical analysis, efficacy and components testing, microbiological testing, product stability testing, etc.



 —— Hygiene Control Center


Production Equipment


According to GMPC international standards, we established high-level production environment control and hygiene control processes to ensure hygiene quality and use safety of cosmetics.

Production control center: Raw materials, packaging materials and semi-finished products need to be fully tested. Raw materials and production processes can be traced back.

 —— Production Control Center


Production Equipment


Raw materials, packing materials and semi-finished products need to be fully tested; raw materials and production processes can be traced back.


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